The testimonials below are from current and former clients. I am profoundly grateful for their kind words.

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I am super excited to post this testimonial on June 1, 2018.  

If you want an experienced professional with long-term relationships and business contacts in Marin who will step up quickly and effectively, then Mr. Kram is your man.  In a short time, this attorney went to task, listened carefully to my situation, ascertained a strategy, processed paperwork, and represented in trial for a case that had merit.  Without a doubt, we won. 

Mr. Kram is fast on his feet.  He’s highly skilled and aggressive like a raging bull boxer; he’s successful like a prized winning fighter – someone who roots for the underdog; he’s knowledgeable and full of information like a walking encyclopedia; he’s a kind, good, and ethical person. 

The law office is located near public transportation, and more importantly, close to the Marin Civic Center.  There are other accolades galore.  I highly recommend you see him for sagely advice and expert council.  He will take care of business and advocate on your behalf! 

From:  MF in Tiburon  

He proved to be the strong representative we needed.  He helped save our business!
North Bay Co-Operative Taxi

To whom it may concern,

A former contract sales agent sued both my company and me personally in San Rafael - on the other side of the country from me.  The root of the suit was a dispute in commissions owed.  The amount of the suit was less than the project cost to defend, and the plaintiff expected us to pay it off to make it go away.  Since my company acts on principle, we chose to dispute the suit, even though the cost of defense was likely to exceed the amount disputed. 
When I contacted Brian's office, he made clear to me what my options were, and what to expect at each and every step of the way.  The other attorney had deployed unscrupulous tactics and Brian saw through them and countered them successfully at each and every turn.  In doing so, he remained the consummate professional, never turning to dirty tricks, always fighting on the right side.  Moreover, he was extremely conscientious of my cost throughout the process - and very efficient with the time he spent on my case.

In the end, we prevailed - at a reasonable and manageable cost.  If you ever find yourself in similar circumstances, I highly recommend you engage Brian Kram as your attorney.

Brad Holtz
President & CEO
Cyon Research Corporation

You know how people say that they hate attorneys?  Well, I love Brian -- I got myself in a big mess, which Brian was able to untangle and get me out of.  He is whip smart, client-focused, and able to keep the big picture in mind while delving into the minutiae.  You definitely want Brian on your side.
David Friedland

Keen intelligence, tremendous compassion, unbeatable & fearless negotiator.  Brian Kram is all of these things and more:  He is the only lawyer you want on your side of the litigation/negotiation table.  Brian has represented me in two actions, both of them reaching successful fruition because of Brian's excellent grasp of the law and his uncanny & skillful ability to advocate for my position.  In addition to this, Brian is warm, thoughtful person who listens to your concerns and genuinely cares about you, which served to cement my complete trust in his judgment and abilities.  I unhesitatingly recommend Brian Kram to anyone requiring services of one of the best lawyers in the Bay Area.
Geri Gilbert

Brian Kram is the Marin County attorney I recommend without hesitation.  Brian is both knowledgeable and effective.  He won a satisfying judgment for me in a dispute with an aggressive landlord.  He took the time to understand my needs and thoroughly addressed the legal parameters of my position.  He's consistently clear and direct, yet inclusive and open.  Whether it's solid information you need, or someone to go to battle for you, Brian is an excellent choice.
Barbara Moore

Brian Kram has been my attorney for over ten years and has advised me and my family on a wide variety of legal issues.  His services have proven invaluable and I have referred him to my closest friends and business associates.  They likewise have expressed their high level of satisfaction with his legal acumen and approach.  In addition to being smart, caring, efficient and trustworthy, he has a very strong command of the law and is a tremendous advocate.  He always gets to the heart of the matter.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who requires legal advice or assistance.
Celia Lam 

I retained Brian Kram to represent me as a result of an automobile accident.  I was very impressed with his office staff and the professional manner in which they assisted me.  Mr. Kram was thorough and clear on our goals and objectives.  He advised me on the procedures of our case and provided me with a clear and precise overview of the progress of the case.  I was more than satisfied with the outcome of the case and would recommend him highly.
Otha Rice

I highly recommend Brian.  I was referred to him a few years ago by another attorney, and he was exactly what I needed.  He represented me in two very troublesome disputes, and he did so very efficiently, never losing sight of the main objectives and constraints.  He guided me through the back-and-forth exchanges, explaining the situation and alternate approaches at every step, and resolved our conflicts with the objectives met and the least expense.  He has what everyone needs in an attorney: knowledge, experience, skill, commitment, and a fine tactical mind.
Steven Fong

I consider Brian Kram to be the "junk yard dog" of trial lawyers.  I have depended on Brian for legal advice and representation, personally and professionally for almost 20 years.  I have been very satisfied and sometimes quite pleasantly surprised with the results when he has acted as my advocate.  I have and will continue to recommend Brian's services to my family, close friends and business associates with complete ease.
Dan Damonte
Golden Gate North

It is an honor and a privilege to write about Brian Kram's dedication, hard work and excellence in providing me with past legal services.  He is worthy of all the praise I can think of.  I highly recommend Brian Kram for all of your legal needs in and out of court.  He's a great guy to have on your side, a true hero of the community.
Ted Stevens

I'm very grateful for the assistance Brian Kram provided on my court case and I'd assuredly call on him again.  In court and on my behalf, he was an aggressive advocate.  He effectively challenged my opponents and asked questions of both parties that were crucial for the judge to hear.  In preparation for the hearing he was an excellent listener, well organized, gave great advice and showed determination.  Most importantly, we WON the case.
Judith Cote

My Mill Valley landlords were ready to take legal action against me after I sought to uphold my tenant's rights, and I hired Brian Kram to represent me.  With his skill and abundance of knowledge in both sides of tenant and landlord law, Mr. Kram kept us all out of court, caused necessary repairs to be made to the property, and influenced my continued residency there in a situation that is fair to both the landlords and to me.  Based on my experience with him, I trust Mr. Kram to give excellent advice and representation on any matters that fall within his areas of law, and will always turn to him in the future.
Marjorie Grannan